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Motif Exercises – F Jazz Blues With Jens Larsen [Lessons]

Published on September 7, 2015 By admin

Soloing: Creating melodies that connect and make sense across several chords and scales is a skill that you need to master if you want to be able to make solos that keep the listeners attention and are experienced as musical. In this lesson I am going to have a look at an important tool in […]

Tips on How to Read and Learn Guitar Chords for the First Time

Published on September 7, 2011 By Greg Volco

Have you at any time been hopeful to learn to play guitar just immediately after watching an incredible performance brought by a famous rock band? You actually couldn’t help but feel like grabbing a nice guitar then actively playing beautiful music straight from the soul. Well, undoubtedly a lot of people young and old do really feel that way because music provides tremendous impact on their lives. I would say the guitar is actually one very widespread musical instrument found broadly in every nation. Nevertheless, when you need to become an expert in this instrument you need to invest a whole lot of effort and dedication.