Guitar & Vocal Cover – Overture 1928 / Strange Deja Vu (Dream Theater)

I always wanted to do one of these split-screen videos, so why not with my favorite band? To be clear these are the songs that solidified my love for Dream Theater, so they’re very dear to me. I took great care not to screw it up too badly. Enjoy! * The audio was recorded separately from the video and “properly” mixed, but the video is from the actual recording sessions. Pretty much everything was done in one take (give or take a few punch-ins, please forgive me for being human ;]) * I did the keyboard solos in Overture on the guitar. I was going to try to bang them out on the keyboard, but they were too fakkin hard :/ * I recorded my parts over the backing tracks found at so I wasn’t able to fine-tune the mix 100% * For the record, the guitar was in-tune when I started recording! * The video was recorded on a Galaxy Nexus and cut together with Adobe Premiere * The guitars were recorded direct in with the Fractal Axe-FX and mixed with the vocals and backing tracks with Presonus Studio One

Source: YouTube

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