Download at “CHANGING LANES” by GOOSE (Scott Dambrot) BMI From the album “the NO SEEDS sessions” by GOOSE Copyright 2012 GOOSE Music International Download at http “300”, “400”, “600” larger gotta have “VISION” or the cops can “CHARGER” the “TASK FORCE” tried to “STING RAY” with a tazer so now i “SPORT” the bulletproof underneath my “BLAZER” twenty four “TRACKER”, i cut like a “LASER” dont talk on the celly cuz the telephone “TRACER” its better to be the act with the cheddar, instead a some “CAVALIER” “CELEBRITY” that packs a “BERETTA” i like ya “ACCENT” girl, and ya “IQ” wanna “SPARK” a blunt, puff a couple hits we can listen to some “JAZZ” take a “SPLASH” in the pool then go “OUTBACK” and watch the solar “ECLIPSE” look my “INSIGHT” is relevant every single “ELEMENT” i flow like water baby “H2” ohhh made a government “DISCOVERY” and got real close with a CIA “PHANTOM” so now i gotta be “GHOST” “TITAN” up my rhymes become the “SWIFT” est here on a “QUEST” to take my crew to the next “FRONTIER” like gary from “PARK LANE”, he carried a luger trained to be a “MOUNTAINEER” then married a “COUGAR” tryin to “ASPIRE”, to get a little higher so one day he can save enough money up to retire and “ESCAPE” from the drama, cruise the ledge i told em gotta keep “FOCUS” never lose ya “EDGE” he said “LIGHTNING” doesnt strike twice, fly in “EXPRESS” when ya got “FIVE HUNDRED” and ya tryin to “FLEX” with the “FREESTYLE” “FUSION” till theres no competition to “ESCORT” you to

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